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Hi There- LeafFilter is backed by an industry-leading, lifetime, transferrable warranty which features a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. Please contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566 so that a local service technician can come to your home and inspect your unique situation.
Seattle, Washington

I have alot of fir trees in my backyard.Leaf filter guarantees that their gutters dont clog and that only water gets through.

That may be true but over time the smaller debris clogs the screens that covers the gutter.

Then, when theres a heavy rain, alot of the water starts dripping off of the front of the gutter.

I have to drag the pressure washer up on the roof to clean the gutter screens every 2 years.Maybe I can get the service rep over to pressure wash my gutters for me because I'm sick of doing it.

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Your first clue should've the cost you could have had the Gutter cleaned for life at a fraction the cost of LEAFFILTER

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Leaf Filter may or may not clog depending on the amount of pollen near your house they came out and clean mine for free as they will do for anyone at any time they are guaranteed for life. My gutters flow better I am very pleased if you had problems with them you obviously did not call them to fix the problems

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #851719

Awesome product!watching it rain right now...

no overshooting! I have have had this on the home now since 2007 could not be more satisfied with this product.

I have oak trees with pollen tassels, never had a problem.Thanks again Leaf Filter!


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I had Leaf Filter installed in 2009 for nearly $4,000.Over the last 3 months nearly 50% of the screen has blown or ripped away from the gutters.

Obviously it was installed incorrectly. The dealer that installed it has gone out of business. I cannot find Leaf Filter corporate.

The warranty says it is filed in Plainwell, Michigan but there are no phone numbers.What a miserable experience and worthless product.

to Rob New York, New York, United States #973805

Rob I feel your pain.its junk they lie.And charge thousands for fly netting n plastic.

They pray on the old people.

Rob I worked for that *** company.They are *** off's

to Rob New York County, New York, United States #973806

Hey rob call this a hole regional project manager 1631 835 7306 Joe

Columbus, Ohio, United States #691880

They have a 100% money back guarantee. Call them!


Couldn't be happier with the company and the service. I've had them out for one service call. The service reps were courteous, knowledgeable and adjusted my leaffilter system to account for some heavier rains.

works awesome!


I canceled the install before it began.Luckily I really sat down and thought about how much I was paying and canceled within the allowable 3 business days.

I decided that I can have my gutters cleaned for about $150 so it would take more than 9 cleanings to equal the original quote they gave me.

A manager called me and offered to do the job "at cost" which came to about $9.60/foot.I cannot speak to whether they work or not but after reading so many bad reviews I can tell you proceed with caution and definitely DO NOT pay more than $10/foot.