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Hi there - We're not quite sure what this film is that is growing on your system. We'd be happy to address your situation and provide a solution. We have every desire to address your needs and provide the best solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible
Edmonds, Washington
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I purchased the Leaf Filter system in September 2013 - 10 months later, the gutters do not catch the rain water in the gutters and flows right into the flower beds, drowning them. There is a film on the "screens" that again keep the water from going into them. I have contacted them several times and was told by the sales/service rep that he was going to be gone for 2 weeks to call back to set up a service call, so I did, but have yet to hear back. It is now July 3rd, 2014.

I have recorded the rain flow on my cell phone which I will download to YouTube. I will be contacting the finance company regarding this as it my turn into a dispute.

Beckie - Auburn, WA.

Monetary Loss: $7200.

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Where is the video you promised?


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