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Hi There- There are many factors that go into the price of LeafFilter, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and whether a gutter replacement is necessary. For more information on how our pricing structure works, please visit
Boston, Massachusetts

I am elderly but certainly not ***. I have 105 feet of gutter and the price presented was 3875. This is over 35.00 per foot.

This is beyond my budget as I am retired and a widower.

I sincerely just kept saying no to the price and the rep FINALLY left. The next morning I got a call offering me Leaf Filter at 1050.00.

This is 10.00 per foot, I told him to shove it and he got indignant with me as if he expected me to buy at the lower price. He wanted to argue that I would not get this price at any time in the future.

I guess the advice I can give is, keep saying no. You will get the price you want.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #833715

I had no reason to update this as I felt my review was honest and sincere.

My guess is Anonymous is affiliated with Leaf Filter given his lack of name and disposition. I am not poor but had you given me the 1050 at the jump you would have recorded a sale.

No I would not expect Mercedes to drop the prices. But apparently as I offered more objections Leaf Filter does drop the price, so no comparison to MB.

My grandson had Leaf Filter out and he has 143 feet of gutter. He was quoted 3632.00. This is 25.39 / foot.

So my suspicions were correct in that the sales person was trying to rip off an elderly man. Both houses are one level homes so it is a good comparison.

He also got a call back the next morning offering the product at 10.00 per foot. He's an attorney and can certainly afford the product but when the price keeps dropping it is of benefit to keep saying no.


So let me get this straight: You come on here to complain about an expensive product, the company calls you and gives you a cheap price and you still complain?! Shut up.

You got want you wanted and still cry about it. It is also the company's fault that you are old and poor?!?! NO!

Do you walk onto a Mercedes-Benz lot and start screaming you are old and poor and expect the world to just drop their prices to accommodate you? Stop wasting people's time and money you pain in the ***

to Anonymous #877071

wow what an ***. This comment just goes to show the type of people that work at leaf filter because that was obviously an employee!!

It is a poorly run company! I know everything about the operation!

They purposely rip customers off and also rip their installers off!! They only care about money and everyone in the company is working to make the CEO rich.


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