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LeafFilter is made from a medical grade stainles steel, so nothing organic will adhere to it or grow on it. If you are experiencing problems with your system, we recommend calling our service and support team so that we can send a local technician to assess your unique situation. We make it our goal to provide each and every homeowner ultimate satisfaction when it comes to our product and service.
Mill Creek, Washington
Customer service

1. LF advertises that any leaves or debris will be blown on the next breezy day. Doesn't happen as most of the debris does not blow off.

2. Just brushed off all gutters with the long handled brush they gave us. It rained yesterday and we still are getting overflow which messes up windows and flower beds. In reading some online complaints it may be the my LF screens are clogged with pollen or something else.

3. The original installing company has gone broke and the new company won't take any responsibility.

4. After the installation I found out that If I have my cedar shake roof treated again the Leaf Filter screens will have to be removed and then reinstalled to prevent the treatment oil from clogging the screen. Estimated cost $400-$500.

These problems make me wish I had not spent the $7000+ to install the Leaf Filter system. Instead I could have just continued to have my gutters cleaned 2-3 times a year @ $140 each time.

I went with LF because of the strong rating with Consumer Reports. However I think Consumer Reports did not do testing with tree debris added to the test.

I will contact the home office for Leaf Filter next week. If I get no help from them I will register a complaint with Washington State Attorney General office and/or the Consumer Protection office.

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Mequon, Wisconsin, United States #879146

Leaffilter does not give out brushes ever. You are a liar.

This is well known. You are a loser and an intellectual midget.

Get a life or a real job that pay's adult wages. Maybe you could afford it then.

to Home Improvement Pro #907421

his comment is directed to Home Improvement Pro. You are incorrect about the brush.

Leafless in Seattle provided extension brushes to clients to clean debris off of the filter screen until that went out of business. Perhaps you need to have your intelligence checked before you make further incorrect comments.

to Home Improvement Pro Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1037676

You're the loser. Leaf filter hires all subcontractors. And some reputable subcontractors do try to help out the people they hire out to .


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