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We do honor our warranty. We were a LeafFilter dealer for 2 years but now that we own our production and installation proccesses, we do honor warranties.
Eliot, Maine

We were a leaf filter dealer for a period of about 2 years in the mass and ct area. This product officially sucks, does not work, has a warranty that no one will honor, and will not give you any money back.

Their popular excuse is their product was not properly installed and improper adhesives were used. Well thats all a bunch of ................... The frame of the leaf filter is plastic / vinyl and the mesh is stainless steel. Two components which have completely different phisical properties.

They expand and contract differently at various temperatures.

Due to this expansion and contraction, the silicon fails (Geocell 7700), and the stainless steel mesh is in your neighbors yard. This is not a fairy tale story to bash a product, this story is backed up with tons of upset customers in mass and ct, which can be available upon request with their permission.

Need any more proof, you can find us on

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leaffilter can only be bought from leaffilter. There are no independent dealers. It is company owned with 22 locations covering 28 states.


This anonymous posting is nothing but sour grapes by an inferior competitor.


Called their warranty department, got forwarded to the right person, left a message on many occasions. Never got a phone call back. At this point a class action lawsuut would be appropriate, and put them out of business.

to George Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #634217

This posting is complete bull Leaffilter doesn't have independent dealers which is what this person is claiming to be. The first comment is right this is a case of sour grapes 99% chance this is a competitor. Leaffilter is the number one gutter protection in America and that's easy to verify, Just read Consumer Reports September 2010 they did a 16 month study on gutter protection and found Leaffilter to be the number one gutter protection on the market

to Chris Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #795781

You have got to be crazy Leaf does use Independent dealers some are huge but still the same. Most if not all use Subcontractors and pay very little.

Plus the want have the manufacturing of the product to be done by the Subcontractor who remember is getting paid *** and have to travel 100's miles just to do the job.

I use to work for an independent Contractor and yeah i know what i'm talking about.


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