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We were indeed rated the #1 gutter guard product by a leading consumer reporting agency and are currently the nation's largest gutter protection company.
Hampton, Virginia
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Leaf Filter is not telling the whole truth they are lying to you. They claim they beat all the competition the fact is there were only two companies that sent there products in for testing leaf filter and gutter glove and Consumer reports Magazine only tested these products against other screen with larger holes, Consumer Reports came out with a few article stating this after seeing what leaf filter was doing claiming that they beat everybody the fact of the matter is they only beat one other company, Consumer reports did say with these type of screens you still have to climb that ladder to keep them clean.

Leaf Filter history is not won to be proud of when they first came out they were using a vinyl mesh screen that did not hold up and had hundreds of complaints that they did not honor.

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Hey ***....learn how to spell. And fyi....I have the Conumer Reports issue from 2010 and they tested EVERY product in the business.....and YES.....they rated Leaf Filter #1. Get your facts straight before you flap your uneducated jaws!!


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