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Hello- LeafFilter is committed to providing top-notch customer service to all of our customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our gutter guard product, please reach out to our service and support team at 800-749-4566. Thank you!
Charlotte, North Carolina

Leaf Filter gutter protection was the most expensive product we looked at. But the salesman spoke endlessly about the lifetime service we would receive, any problem would be handled gladly etc. It was all bunk.

They installed the product but didn't do some of the items agreed to by the salesman, such as piping the output from upper tiered gutters into the lower ones. We called the salesman a couple weeks later and he couldn't remember who we were and just told us to call the 800 number. We called and they took the info and said we would receive a call from the local office within two weeks to come out and fix it. Bottom line is that we never heard from them at all. We have been unable to get any attention once they got our money. Whatever you do, do not deal with these people.

This is in Charlotte, NC.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #631126

Hey I work for leaffilter in North Carolina, I'm not sure what happened there but I assure you that's not the norm, why don't you call the office directly and I'm sure they would be happy to help. We value out reputation too much not to.


Jason, did they resolve your issue? All I can tell is the salesman drives a much nicer car than I do.


Don't listen to them they give you the run around, and make you spend more money!! You should have a local person come out to fix your problem.

(thats what we did) They might know what they are doing and save you the head aches! Leaf Filter North is the worst, they send a salesman out (who likley has neve even installed gutters nor even got on the roof to check my gutters) selling us on the Leaf filter then never to be heard from again!

service is the worst! :(


I am the Vice President of Operations for LeafFilter North, Inc. I was just now made aware of your situation and would be more than willing to help. Please call me at 1-800-290-6106.

to Aaron #800977

Can u get me paid for a job I did ? They got paid but I can't !

And I got all the paper work sighn and took to office and it was pretty good money ! And I got a dollar a foot

to Anonymous #819885

You said you got a dollar per foot. Sounds like you got paid