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Hello- Thank you for the feedback. All LeafFilter installers are well-trained to provide the highest levels of customer service as well as a quality installation job.
Rochester, New York
2 comments work good but installers are bone heads. Sales person was very nice(BIG SURPRISE HUH!), installer was rude and got Belligerent with my wife when she would not sign the inspection sheet, she was sick and was not suppossed to leave the house, I told the sales person that when I purchased the system the installer needed to come when I was home, he did not.

The installer did not put the end caps on and left big gaps in the ''filter''.

So far it seems to work ok but it is after the leaves have fallen and we have not gotten much rain.

Monetary Loss: $2750.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #804653

Hmm mm wonder why they couldn't wait till you were home maybe cause in most states you have three days to cancel contract unless unless! U already had work performed your screwed boom

F leaffilter


I had the opposite experience. The Leaffilter installer was extremely nice and helpful.

He showed up exactly when he said he would be there and did a great job.

It was a great experience from start to finish. My brother-in-law also had Leaffilter installed in New Jersey and he had a great experience as well.


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