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LeafFilter has an industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty – the best in the business. We offer a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. If you are having issues with LeafFilter, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566.

To summarize my position -

1) We purchased/installed the Leaf Filter system and drip edge in JUN 2010. Leaf Filter replaced one piece of fascia board and the gutter over the garage. The fascia board was rotted and the gutter was warped/rusted. No other issues existed with my fascia/ gutters - otherwise Leaf Filter would have replaced/fixed it then (in accordance with the warranty - detailed below). I am an Army officer, and frequently travel overseas for extended periods of time. I purchased the system/drip edge because I wanted to ensure that my home drainage system would not have any issues while I was gone.

2) Due to military requirements, I was absent from the Washington DC area from JUL 2013 until JUN 2014. When I returned, I noticed the the gutters were streaked, rusted, watermarked, and that the fascia was rotted in several locations. During a moderate thunderstorm last week, I took pictures/video of water flowing over the leaf filter system (instead of into it/the gutters), and dripping off the bottom of the gutter. I also identified a number of locations where water was flowing behind the drip edge/gutter, and dripping off the fascia.

Both an installation manager and the VA office manager acknowledged that parts of the leaf filter system were clogged with pollen and/or other micro pollutants, and that the entire system needed to be replaced. Further, they both acknowledged that installation of the system and drip edge could have been installed "better."

Bottom line - the leaf filter system failed. This failure caused permanent and irreparable damage to my gutters in the form of black streaks (my kids call them zebra gutters - I tried to power wash them, but the stains will not come off), rust stains and unsightly watermarks along the entire length of the gutters. Further, Leaf Filter either failed/or did a poor job of calking some of the seams in my existing gutters, with resulted in additional rust stains. Lastly, Leaf Filter did a poor job of installing portions of the drip edge, which caused water to run between the gutter and the fascia, resulting in stains, paint peeling and wood rot in multiple locations.

3) The written warranty provided to me by Leaf Filter states in part

- "We seal your gutter and downspouts with 50 year silicone"

- "We repair any damaged gutters and/or downspouts, if necessary"

- "We give you a manufacture's money back, no clog, guarantee."

Given the above commitment provided to me by Leaf Filter at the time of purchase, I feel strongly that Leaf Filter is responsible for the failure of the system/drip edge and resulting damage.

Update - it took me over ten business days to get in contact with Joe Roschival, LeafFilter Vice-President of Installation. Mr. Roschival was abusive, argumentative, and constantly interrupted me. He questioned my integrity and called me a liar three seperate occassions during our approximate 30 minute

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Filter.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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