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Hi There- LeafFilter is backed by an industry-leading lifetime, transferrable warranty. If you are still experiencing issues with your gutter guard system, please reach out to our service and support team at 800-749-4566 so that a local service technician can come to your home and ensure it is functioning properly.

Installed LeafFilter around the 1st of April 2013. We paid $5800 for the LeafFilter product on our house with a lifetime warranty.

Sure the gutter does not clog... because the screen on the product clogs with pollen and won't let the water thru to the gutters. This happened within less than a month. Our gutters don't work, the water flows over and behind the gutters.

It is much worse than before we had them put on. We have requested that they remove them. We were told that they would but would not refund our money.

We were told that they would clean them for $78 each time. In two months, we have had to have them cleaned 3 times and they need it again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Guard.

Monetary Loss: $5800.

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why don't you leave your name and number? You are the competitor and you are the one who sells an cheap product. LeafFilter is rated #1 by consumer reports and they tell the truth

Nesconset, New York, United States #1052648

If you haven't already done so, be sure to report this company to the BBB as well as Angies List. You should, as well, have the contract and guarantee to support a claim in court!

Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1037607

There is no way I'd be paying them to come clean it. That's not what they advertise and that's not what you paid for.

Where in your original contract does it say it would have to manually cleaned off? No where. Having all the same issues. It's advertised as self cleaning.

You're paying subcontractors is what you're doing. Turns out Leaf Filters uses almost all subcontractors.

Every single person that's ever actually showed up for us in the last 2 years for constant problems have been subcontractors who make us sign paperwork so "they"ll get paid" by Leaf Filter. They've never corrected the problems so we're suing.

Brooklyn, Maryland, United States #958566

n 15 urs as a homeowner I have NEVER had to deal with a company as bad as Leaf Filter. They are horrible!


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