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We apologize for the hassle you have faced, and we definitely want to turn your experience around. We're passing this on to our support team, so someone will be in touch soon to assist.

This review is for services provided in SF, Bay Area, San Jose, CA.

I had the products installed on June16, 2020 and after the first major rain in November, the rain water flowed over the gutter and came down like a waterfall in several places. Unfortunately, the worst spot is outside of our bedroom and water hits hard on the window and its frame, makes a lot of noise.

The noise wakes us up every time it rains. We called customer support and they informed us that the earliest appointment was three weeks away. The technician came out and thought that installing extra down spouts to divert the water flow, it should prevent the over flow. He used pvc pipes instead of actual pipes for rain gutter, and promised he would come back and paint them nicely, but he never did.

Not only that he left tiny sharp screws and mess from installing pvc pipes all over our property. Furthermore, the issue repeated itself when it rained again. I called customer support and again, the next available appointment was three weeks away. I called the service manager, Robert if he can send someone sooner, but he said there was no availability.

We explained that the noise is so loud and we cannot sleep, but he said there is nothing he can do. The technician, Spencer did not even show up, and I had to escalate the issue with the customer support. This time service manager and technician came out, and ran some tests, and determined that the grits from the roof is clogging the mesh and causing the overflow. I was telling them it does not function as their advertisements and guarantees said "you would never have to clean your gutter again." They cleaned the face of gutter protectors and explained their product prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutter, and not clean the inside of the gutter again.

It is technically true since grits and debris clog the mesh and nothing goes in the gutter including the rain water. Water overflows like not having gutters at all. Our gutters are now heavily stained. Robert also said they install their products to a thousand of homes per week, and there is 1% of homes that their product won't work.

We explained several times that the noise keeps waking us up every time it rains and asked for removal and refund, but he just brushed off our claim and we need to call the support if it clogs again.

So every time we called customer support, the appointment is at least three weeks out and the company does not seem to care that we are deprived from sleep. The filter has a life money back guarantee if the filters ever fail or not fully satisfied. We have more issues after the installation than before and Leaf Filter gave us run around and refuses to back what they advertise. I have had only regrets since the purchase of LeafFilter.

I also noticed that the class action lawsuit is filed against LeafFilter in December 2020, and the claims are exactly what we are experiencing.

We wish we read all the complaints posted on BBB/other websites before we made the decision. Beware - The class action also states that the company makes an effort to scrub the internet of consumer complaints.

User's recommendation: Do not recommend this product or service. You’ve been warned.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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