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We apologize for any inappropriate comments that we made. LeafFilter has looked into this and taken precautions to prevent this in the future.
Richmond, Kentucky
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My family and I had the unfortunate experience of being seated for breakfast next to a table of LeafFilter North Executives while dining at the Sheraton Suites, Cuyahoga Falls Hotel in Ohio. We had recently had a LeafFilter salesman come to our house to provide us with a quote and information on this gutter protection system.

This is why my husband picked up on the identification logo on the shirts of these guys. I cannot use the word "gentlemen" to describe. We were a family having a nice breakfast with our son. The LeafFilter guys were yucking it up, every other sentence containing the F-bomb.

Their conversation included commentary on the color of the falls we could see from the dining room windows looking as though they contained "fecal matter". So much for a good breakfast.

They continued gleefully discussing a new business opportunity in Alabama where discrimination in a particular community was perfectly okay since codes allow for over-55 communities, after all. I was disgusted by the demeanor of these men and as a result will never do business with a company that supports such behavior and attitudes from the top down.

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You get a good look at someone's character when they think no one is watching (or listening)


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