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Hi Joe, LeafFilter's installers receive payment based on the quality of the installation.
Boston, Massachusetts

I was sent on a job on 1 jullet Dr Mr frank dna in Smithtown leaf filters in hauppague. I was a sub contractor doing their work.I completed the gutters n leaders.after that the owner to me to stop working.I didn't get a chance to get in the leaf filters.

I had asked why.he was very upset that the sales person had lied to him about haven no sub contractors. Leaf filters had received a total of $800 and gave me only $155 out of $476.00 their is no leaf filter on this job.its all my materials.they had the nerve not to pay me in full.but to also fired me with out notice.

For some thing that had nothing to do whit me.they just trew me under the bus.I always did the right thing bent over backwards leaven my day job to help get jobs done.that other contractors will not do.then run back to my day job.getting yelled at from the Rabi. I will file lieans on the property.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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