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Hi Bob, We aplogize for the inconvenience. Since your situation is very unique, please contact us at 800-749-4566 so that we can resolve your issue. Thank you!
Mount Clemens, Michigan

My company did installations for leaf filter for just over 2 weeks. We completed every job we started with complete professionalism.

After working for kver 2 weeks we decided the money wasn't right for us. So we dropped off all extra materials to the local office. We have called and talked to the manager about being paid for our jobs numerous times. We have heard about 3 different excuses why we never received a check all bs.

If you ask me they are ripping people off installing for them.

The product was great to install was easy to handle. Would just be alot cooler to get paid the $1000 dollars owed.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same problem. Never gave me a straight answer why he docked my check. Made just over 20k for them and the guy with his 90s skater haircut gave me 300$.unreal.

to Anonymous #1008457

that's funny


This company ripped me off for installs sent me places with no labor bill and then when I complained they said they were letting me go instead of paying me .


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