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Hi there - We have many satisfied LeafFilter employees and professionals that enjoy their experience working at LeafFilter. We are sorry to hear that your experience was not as desireable. As a company, we stand behind our product and our industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty. We do not condone any deceptive practices.
Lewiston, New York

I worked for Leaffilter briefly, and was nothing nut disappointed.

They promise the world when they hire you. They talked up the

integrity of the company, but once I signed on, it was all about

charging the customer as much as possible, and then keep discounting

until they said yes. The " life-time warranty" is a joke. You were lucky

to have any problems addressed when they put it in. We were instructed

to lie that we were employees of Leaffilter, and they installers were all

employees. But in truth, we were all sub-contractors, told to lie, get

the customers money, and move to the next target. The whole thing

was a B.S. scam. Beware, and just pay someone $60.00 to clean your

gutters right, instead of the multiple thousands- leaf filter tries to extract

from unsuspecting people. Stay away! I know, cause I worked for them

and found out the ugly truth the hard way.

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