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Thomas – We have forwarded your comments to our service team and will have someone reach out to discuss your experience further. Thank you for your feedback.
Town And Country, Missouri

JOB # STL09668 / MAY 8, 2019. Harriet & Thomas Brown.

812 Bromfield Terrace , Mo63021. We purchased your product that we where with a reputable company. When the sales person was at our house. We told the sales person we will sign the contract.

But we are requesting a Lien Waiver. He respondent no problem. From the date of installation until to day it took all this time to receive the Lien Waiver. I was told and you can look it up.

The person I spoke to.That I was told by one person we do not give out Lien Waivers. He did not know what a Lien Waiver was. He said he would follow up. Never did and out of three person I spoke to.

Today was the first person that got the job done. In my days I have never been treated like this from a company. I believe training needs to be done to the persons that answer the phone.

I am very dissated dissatisfied how we where treated. Email:

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LeafFilter North Cons: I did not like customer service.

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