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Tualatin, Oregon
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I had a LeafFilter Gutter System installed on my home in October of 2010 at a cost of $3962.00. They represented that the mesh screens of the system "is nearly 100% water permeable and has self cleaning properties; no organic debris or shingle grit can permanently adhere to it to cause it to clog." Since early spring of 2012, the LeafFilter gutter system mesh HAS clogged and water is flowing across the top of the mesh(despite constant cleaning)like Niagra Falls and onto my carport and landscaping causing damage.

I have tried to contact the response.

I filed a BBB case against Leaf Filter LLC (who I sent my signed warranty contract to) and they basically stated to the BBB that they were not responsible and to stop bothering them with all the claims. Which leads me to believe that they have had MANY complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Filter.

Monetary Loss: $3962.

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Nesconset, New York, United States #1052644

I believe your story. In fact I've seen many photos of the mesh screen clogging from algae.

However Leaffilter themselves always likes to point out that these reviews are left anonymously and are therefore bogus reviews left by competitors. If you want to do researchers a favor, then alway leave your name to make the review more credible!


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