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Update by user Jun 17, 2019

It has rained a few times now and so far the gutters seem to be working, this fall will be the real test. A person was sent to look at the job and assess the problem.

He seemed knowledgeable and stated he would send a report to the office. That was almost a month ago. I waited for the company to contact me but no one has called. I called the company and was told someone would call me back.

That's been over a week now and of course no one has called me. I would not recommend this company or use them again simply because of the customer service. I don't expect the company to do anything to resolve this situation because they have already been paid for the work they did. I would suggest if you use this company, don't pay them until you are satisfied with the job.

I don't feel like this company is honest or trustworthy. Be careful and use caution with these people.

Original review posted by user May 15, 2019

Salesman never stated that gutter would not be replaced on the sunroom, never showed me the sketch he made until after the install. When I questioned him about why the gutter was not replaced he tried to blow it off and said the sunroom would not hold a gutter.

When I told him there was a gutter there now he started saying you couldn't put a real gutter there, and called what I had installed there over a year ago a *** piece of junk gutter that should be taken down and thrown away. If he had made that comment before the install I would have canceled the job completely !!!!! The gutter that's there works just as good as any but dose not match the rest. Teach your salesmen some manners!!!!!!

They can leave the arrogant northern attitude somewhere else, I wont tolerate it. As for the sunroom not holding a gutter......if your installers are that bad, get new ones!!!! You can install gutter on something besides wood if you know what your doing. I am also not happy with the installers.

I have found gutter nails, and screws in my yard and my driveway!!! I, or maybe you guys, hope I don't get a screw in a tire on my vehicles. There is also debris in my flower beds where the old gutters were taken down. For 5600.00 plus dollars to install 144 feet of gutter I expected much better.

I will say the gutters look nice, hope the work as well.

It has not rained since the install so I don't know if they work or not. I will write another review once the system has been installed for a while and see how it works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Replacement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LeafFilter North Cons: Product or customer service.

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