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Hi Betsy, We're sorry to hear that you are less than satisfied with our product and service. Our service team is committed to fixing your issues and would be happy to determine a permanent solution. Please contact us at 800-749-4566.
Reading, Pennsylvania

Had it installed in 2013. Trouble ever since.

Customer service is a joke. They're rude and just pass you on to someone else who also has no interest in fixing the problems. Screens clogged our gutters, which NEVER happened before installation. Water now runs OVER the gutters instead of into them.

We have to climb onto the roof to sweep the debris off because everything sticks instead of just "blowing off when it dries" like we were told in the presentation.

We've had them out multiple times over the past 2 years but not much changes. The guy who came out today climbed onto the roof with a broom and just told us it was totally clogged and would have to be cleaned off twice a year.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LeafFilter North Cons: Absolutely no service, Does not work as advertised, Rude customer service after sale.

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #1023693

Did you have to pay a $78 dollar service fee? we have same problem also stripping.

to Denny Pool Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1024413

I never had to pay any service fees but this has now escalated into a lawsuit. I've hired any attorney which I wish more people who've had these issues with this company would do.

I'm tired of them making claims about their product that just isn't true and keep getting away with it. We have no money so what we spent on this needs to work. Since it doesn't and we've spent 2 years trying to get them to rectify the problems and getting no where, we've sued. It cost me $64.50 for an attorney to send them a letter.

Their response was to offer us $1000.00 and for us to sign a confidentiality agreement. Like that's gonna happen.

Please consider doing the same. I tried to get a class action suit started but I never heard back from the first attorney who recommended it.

to Betsy #1037525

Sounds like LeafFilter made your lawyer a better deal. They're making a lot of money selling this disappointing product. It's a shameful scam.

to Anonymous Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1037583

No, the one the lawyer that didn't reply was just someone off the internet. I've actually hired a local attorney that said he was sure he could get more out of them but I'd probably have a better chance of getting a FULL refund plus court costs if I file it with my local district judge which we are doing. He said I have enough documentation and have given them more than enough opportunities to rectify the situation, he has no doubt the judge will rule in our favor.


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