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First of all. For the payment options, I was given a choice of pay full upfront ($2300), pay zero % for a year or pay in 50 installments at a low rate (which will make the total payment around $2450).

I was told I could change my mind till after the installation was done. I asked for now let’s go with the 50 months plan and I will let you know if I change my mind before the installation as that seemed easy on the pocket. The officer was able to get that processed right away but did not mention that he was applying for a line of credit. My installation was costing me around $2450 but he mentioned that I am eligible for up to $9500 if I wanted to.

I did not pay much attention to it as it did not seem any different when getting an expensive phone or laptop on installments.

He should have been absolutely clear that he was opening up a line of credit account for me that goes beyond the $2450 that was required for the job. Anyways, after the job was done I asked him that I would like to go for the 12 months zero interest option. To my surprise, he said that it is no longer an option. So I said I will pay in full.

To that he will have to pay $2450. I said but we had agreed on $2300 for a one time upfront payment. Anyways I ended up $2400 cause I got tired of reasoning and arguing.

Then despite the fact that I had made a full payment, I received a credit card with a limit of $9500 which I did not want.

To make things worse, the system was installed on Monday and when we got some rain on the following Sunday, the gutter was already leaking. I tried to contact the response.

Waited till morning to call customer service. Took me an hour to get hold of someone and they said the earliest they can come out is in 15 days. I said I wanted to talk to management. I was forwarded to a dead end.

Called a few times and gave up. Hence writing this review.

I am simply frustrated with the whole experience. After paying such a premium for a gutter guard this is simply unacceptable!

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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