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Hi Stuart – We are so sorry to hear your LeafFilter system was damaged by a recent storm and want to assist you. Our team is aware of your concerns and will follow up with your local office. We will reach out shortly. Thank you.

I've called customer service four times in two weeks, requesting that an installer in Northern VA call me about repairing a storm damaged section of my Leaf Filter installation. I have not heard from the installer or anyone at Leaf Filter.

This should not be difficult! I am happy with the product. I want to PAY MONEY to have a damaged section repaired. If the installer won't call me, just send me the replacement parts and I will do it myself.

See the attached picture. The screen covering was ripped off of two sections and one section is chipped.

LeafFilter North Pros: Great product, Reduces my workload cleaning gutters, Finally connected with local installer to begin repair process.

LeafFilter North Cons: Local installer too busy to contact me for 2 weeks.

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