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Hi Bill – We have every desire to learn more about you situation. Jeff Block reached out yesterday and left you a message. Please give us a call when you a have a chance. Thank you.
Columbus, Ohio

Update by user Feb 08

2-8-2019 - I received a call this morning from Terry Oder. Terry reiterated that he had bid my job too low (under cost) and after putting my info in the computer, realized his mistake.

I asked Terry why he didn’t know what his cost is after so many years of selling this product. He said he made a simple mistake. OK, good enough, we all make mistakes. However, he had accepted my offer thereby we had a verbal agreement.

Very disappointing after going thru the negotiation process with this company. Not an enjoyable experience to say the least. I am still waiting on a return call from Jeff Block, who I left messages for one week ago and again this past Monday. Terry Oder said he’d make sure Jeff Block returns my call.

We’ll see, but at any rate, I do not have any faith that this company will make it right for me. Just be sure, if you choose to use Leaf Filter, don’t get taken by their hard sell and pay more than you have to. It’s too bad they do business this way instead of just being upfront and fair with their potential customers to begin with.

I’m sure Leaf Filter is not the only company doing business this way though. CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

Original review posted by user Feb 07

I set up appt for an estimate and the rep was an hour late. I had the flu so asked the rep to write up an estimate and leave it or nail it.

Two weeks later, still no estimate. I called company and set up another appt. Sales guy, Scott Hamilton, really put the hard sell on me. I don’t sign anything spur of the moment.

I too know how to negotiate. After an initial price of $4500.00, he cane down to $3100.00 in about 5 minutes. However, I have a friend who had Leaf Filter installed a few years back for about $10.50 per linear foot. I have 128 feet so $3100 is 24.21 per foot!

So I called my friends sales rep who is now Scott’s boss. His name is Terry Ober. Terry got my price down to $16.75 per foot AND threw in my shed for free. Another 35 linear feet.

So after talking to my wife I accepted Terry’s offer. Terry messaged me two days later and cancelled my job. I called their corporate office and spoke to the guy who answers the phone. Told him my story and asked to speak with Terry Oder’s boss who is Jeff Block.

That was on 2-1-2019 in the morning. I called again on 2-4-2019 and asked for Jeff Block to return my call. Today is 2-7-2019. Still no return call.

After reading some other reviews it seems this is sort of a normal business practice for Leaf Filter. I will be posting on my communities Facebook page about my Leaf Filter experience. I’m certain their treatment of me will cost their company many thousands in lost revenue.

But then again, I really don’t think they give a damn. Bill Yates, Bexley Ohio

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