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Leaffilter nothing but deceipt and lies | LeafFilter North review from Lewiston, New York

Hi there - We have many satisfied LeafFilter employees and professionals that enjoy their experience working at LeafFilter. We are sorry to hear that your experience was not as desireable. As a company, we stand behind our product and our industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty. We do not condone any deceptive practices.
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I worked for Leaffilter briefly, and was nothing nut disappointed.

They promise the world when they hire you. They talked up the

integrity of the company, but once I signed on, it was all about

charging the customer as much as possible, and then keep discounting

until they said yes. The " life-time warranty" is a joke. You were lucky

to have any problems addressed when they put it in. We were instructed

to lie that we were employees of Leaffilter, and they installers were all

employees. But in truth, we were all sub-contractors, told to lie, get

the customers money, and move to the next target. The whole thing

was a B.S. scam. Beware, and just pay someone $60.00 to clean your

gutters right, instead of the multiple thousands- leaf filter tries to extract

from unsuspecting people. Stay away! I know, cause I worked for them

and found out the ugly truth the hard way.

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Past salesman | LeafFilter North review from Lewiston, New York

As a company, we pride ourselves in offering the best gutter guard and best customer service to homeowners across the country. We are BBB accredited company and have received positive LeafFilter reviews on a variety of third party sites including HomeAdvisor, Trustpilot, and Angies List. We do not condone deceptive sales practices as noted above.
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Use to work for Leaffilter, or should I say, was a subcontractor.

We are told to lie to the customer, and do anything we can to

get the sale. Salespeople, like the installers are NOT employees,

just temporary subcontractors. We only got paid if we could bilk the

customer out of as much money as possible. For those who are still

considering this product, listen to the pitch, and wait. They start of a

a outrageous price of about $ 30 ft. If the customer balks, we "discount to $ 26.00 ft.

If they still balk, $ 20.00 ft. As a last resort, we call the manager, put him

on speaker phone, and he comes up with a B.S. story and says we can get

it at $ 13.00 ft. They try to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible.

As a last resort. They sell it at cost (yeah right) and still make a ton of money,

expect for the poor salesman. It is a *** game. Many promises- no follow

through. Buyer beware. The whole outfit is unethical. Let see If the is a company has a response to this and lies again. As they say in Texas- Leaffilter is all hat, and no

cattle! Had to leave the company. It is tough to lie to nice unsuspecting people

all day, and try to sleep at night!

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True comsumer cost | LeafFilter North review from Lewiston, New York

Hi there - It is our intention to provide our customers with the best possible price. In many cases, homeowners will qualify for discounts which will drive the price down. Pricing depends on a number of different factors, meaning that each quote is customized to the individual and the home. This link may able to help you further: http://www.leaffilter.com/leaffilter-pricing/.
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Reason of review
Pricing issue

I was interested in getting leaf filter, and had there salesman

come out to give my a price. He said I needed 150 feet,and

my price would be $ 4400.00. (almost $ 30 dollars a foot)

When I said I needed to think about it, he lowered the price to

$3800, saying he could offer a factory discount. When I said I still

wanted to think about it, he said I could get a flexible installation

discount, he again lowered the price, this time to $ 2900.00

if I would sign the contract today. Astounded by the sudden $ 1500.00

drop, I again said I needed time to think it over. He then called his

manager saying I needed time, and the manager said I could receive

commercial pricing because I had white gutters ( most everyone does)

and my price would be $ 1900, but I had to agree to a contract right away!

$ 2500 hundred dollar drop in a matter of minutes. They are obviously making

money at this price too. I them realized the pricing scam and said no thank

you!!! Beware consumers, the product did not seem bad but the deceptive

sales practices ,left me with a bad taste. Beware everyone!

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