I had some follow up work done on my front Gutters | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

I was very happy with the work that Josh Wyatt has done for me today My Job #15921.
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Good quality
Excellent experience from the beginning. Nick was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He met with us on Saturday and had a crew there on Monday morning. They installed our LeafFilter Gutter Protection and cleaned up in a few hours. We couldn’t be more pleased. –...
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LeafFilter North is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

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Good quality
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The product is inferior and the owners could care less | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi there - your experience sounds abnormal. LeafFilter is made out of a medical grade stainless steel and nothing organic will adhere to it or grow on it. We are sorry that you are experiencing problems. We have every desire to address your issues and provide a solution. Please reach out to our corporiate office and we will be happy to send a local technician to assess your situation.
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My Leaf filters were installed 2 years ago and the ares of the house that is directly under a tree is clogged. I mean their filter is clogged. The fine mesh screen is clogged with leaf and tree particles and mildue. The company vice president, said they will have to be cleaned.

They will not stand behind the warranty of the product. POOR DESIGN.

Can you believe it !

I paid to have gutter protection installed to keep from having to get on a ladder to clean my gutters, and now I have to clean the filters !


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20 to 30$ a foot what? Lol local!!! Contractors who stand by there work who probably doesn't even know pissed consumer exist | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay.
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Problems with payment

Your so *** I installed there product for 2 yrs. every major gutter protection company is #1 in a *** magazine.

Leaf filter does not pay there help in full. You can buy gutter Rx comes with a 20 yr. warranty for 8$ For a 10 ft. Piece.

All aluminum no vinyl trash. And it's 90% cheaper then leaf filter or there competitors. They Lie to every customer. they have told me to lie to them they currently owe me 2000$ for work I done for them

I'm a small business owner who works hard I'm not a competitor I loved leaf filter they kept me steady work most of the time.

But if you get paid 12000 dollars for a gutter and filter job and they can't pay the installer the agreed upon labor bill that they quoted not the installer(They pay by the foot)(and for gutters the installer buys the D/S, gutter coil) (so when you buy your gutter material you get more on the footage when you buy the gutter stock.) so 12000$ all they bought was the filter. Owed 2000 to installer only payed them 700$ which only payed the gutter materials,gas ,and help. And they do this all the time. In every state.Repeat I'm not a competitor I'm an honest hard working American who couldn't pay his bills because of leaf filter *** me out of money every month for 2 years.

I recommend if you ever need gutters Or gutter protection Please call a local contractor gutters are only 3 to 5$ per linear ft. And gutter protection for same price.not this 30$ and 20$ a foot bull ***. Like all the major protection companys.

So I urge you to contact your local contractors the ones that still use the phone book to advertise and live 20 minutes from you not 3 hrs or 300 miles and you want have to worry about a pissed off installer coming back and tearing everything back down cause they didn't get paid for the job. That you payed them 5000$ for and they can't pay there help 300$ for installing it.

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UNETHICAL CRIMINALS | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi There- All new LeafFilter team members must pass a background check before they are hired. The employee in question is no longer with LeafFilter.
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Bad quality
  • Psychological manipulation

Not only has there been reports of them assaulting and battering employees comes to find out the unethical operations manager who has had several complaints filed against him HAS NO DRIVER LICENSE AND A CRIMINAL RECORD LONGER THAN THE TOTAL COMPLAINTS ABOUT THERE PRODUCT. SEE BELOW also HE HAD NO DRIVERS LICENSE if leaffilter cant even hire people with drivers license what makes you think they are licensed period. WHAT A DISGRACE TO SOCIETY-

The man accused in a deadly crash in north Charlotte Friday night is expected to make his first court appearance Monday.

Police said after Robert Leahy hit a moped so hard that it became stuck inside the front of his car, he kept driving.

A judge at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse will read the charges against Leahy Monday morning, which include felony death by vehicle and DWI.

Police said Leahy was driving along Old Statesville Road Friday night when he rear-ended the moped.

The driver of the moped, Philip Black, was seriously injured. His girlfriend, Valerie Shaak, was killed.

Police said after the crash, Leahy drove about a mile down the road before parking his car. They said he then started running.

Officers used helicopters and police dogs to track him down.

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Consumers Be Aware | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello- Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay. LeafFilter makes it a priority treat every employee fairly.
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Is your personal info protected? Monday I will be posting very important info you should know about leaf filter and the handling of your personal financial info.

This info is coming from the ripped off contractor. Also info left out from last post. In dealing with holding our check hostage until we sign pre-written statement that leaf filter wrote and wanted us to sign. We just wanted to be paid the money owed to us nothing more nothing less.

This is being done to all contractors and if they complain or say something about it, in the words of the regional manager of the Charlotte office "they will be eliminated".

The situation that happened on Friday 5/16/14 was recorded and some of the other contractors have been and will continue to record these such conversations to protect them from being victims.

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Holding Paychecks hostage | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello- All LeafFilter employees receive fair compensation. Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay.
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This will one of many updates to follow on the dealings of leaf filter. On 5/16/14 we went to leaf filter to get our paycheck.

The first thing we were confronted by the regional manager of the Charlotte office. He had copy of the post we put up on Pissed Consumer it was. He demanded us to remove the statement and write a retraction or he would not give us our paychecks. We were led into a the regional managers office and interrogated by the regional manager and 2 production managers about the post we put up on Pissed Consumer.

Prod. manager of the north informed that they had a 2 million dollar marketing crew the search for these type complaints. Then the regional manager tried to threaten and intimidate say everything we was a lie and that this was a multi-million dollar co. and they crush and eliminate anyone that gets in their way stating he will personally prevent us from ever working in this area tried taunt into a physical confrontation.

they as long as we remove or retract the post that they would still let us.The they left I am guessing to decide what to do. then the production manager came up to us and gave us a job work order with one extra piece of paper it was a typed up statement they made on leaf filter letter head that said word for word leaving personal name out ( This is to certify That Contractor and Contractor have received payment for all services rendered. Once Payment has been accepted it is understood that said parties will remove any and all negative comments posted on any and all online websites and forums. It is further agreed that neither Contractor nor Contractor nor any parties associated with them will post any further negative comments online or any place else from this date forward.

If parties continue to contract with leaf filter all past grievances shall be considered resolved on this date. Also, moving forward, any jobs that are scheduled and "accepted" by contractors are they responsibility of the above contractor listed. Leaffilter, moving forward, requires 24 hour notice if a scheduled job will not (or cannot) be hit, no exceptions).

Wanting to sign this.

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They rip off subcontractors | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi There- Pay for LeafFilter subcontractors is based on the quality of work. If there is an issue with a subcontractor's work, he or she is given every opportunity to go back and correct it. We make it a priority to ensure each and every subcontractor is compensated fairly for his or her work.
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To : Leaf Filter


On multiple occasions we have been shorted on our pay. (#1) We drove from the Charlotte office and went to Myrtle Beach on a job. We had told leaf filter that it was calling for rain. Our crew drove all the way there and it was pouring down rain the homeowner did not want us to install their job in the rain. Leaf filter told us they would pay us for the extra trip. To this date we have not been paid for this trip. We reminded them every week about this it has been almost 3 months. (#2) We drove from the Charlotte office to Chapin S.C. for a job that needed special skills that only our crew could do. The pay was agreed upon before we went. We got paid that amount. The follow week they deducted over $250.00 from our check from this job refusing to give any reason why the money was taken out of our check. (#3) On that same job in Chapin S.C. we had a service call. We drove all the way down there to find out it had nothing to do with our installation. The salesman did not sell gutter on part of the house that was critical to prevent flooding in the yard. We informed Leaf Filter and the homeowner. Yet we did not get paid for this trip. (#4) We drove from the Charlotte office to Roanoke Va. for a job this job that required a lot of extra work including rotten fascia and the roof was in bad shape. We had to get the extra work approved. Finally after all day it got approved to do. These problems were visually evident. We left and drove back up there the next day. Completed the job and everything seemed to be fine except when we received our check they cut the pay on it. When we confronted the production manager he avoided us. They shorted us over $500.00. In the end after making him mad because we wanted to know why our money was cut on this job the answer we got was they sold the job to low. He refused to show us a copy of our labor bill and gave us his cut up version of it failing to show all the work that was performed. Jobs that are underestimated in the end the money is always cut from the installers the ones that have the most in job. We personally paid for all the materials and labor for the woodwork and Leaf Filter walks away with the check and we get the real short end of the stick. (#5) We drove from the Charlotte office to Clover S.C. for a job that was screwed from the beginning we were the 3rd crew that went out to correct this job they had sold Leaf filter on seemed gutters which are in 10' sections, this should have never been sold like this it needed seamless gutters. They were being shady and unusual about this job; they wanted to hide this from their corporate office. We were given $60.00 by the manager and we were told to go buy gutter coil for this job. Us knowing the pricing of the materials this was only enough to cover half. We put another $60.00 of our own money in it and were told to bring the receipt to be reimbursed. When giving the Manager the receipt he says, “I DO NOT PAY TO COME TO WORK,” and only gave us $40.00 back. But he expects us to pay to come to work. When we ask for a copy of the receipt the production manager said just take it and pulled it out of the trash can. The installer that did this was fired because he refused to go a 2nd time to this job and not get paid. (#6) Leaf filter promises customers that the crew can work in any type of weather rain, sleet, snow, ice , freezing rain and if installer does a job in the rain the gutter sealant will not work it just gets washed out by the rain causing this job to have leaking. They expect the installer to fix this problem at our own expense, when this could have been avoided by avoiding the rain. (#7) This company has claimed being a multi-million dollar company but yet when a job is measured incorrectly or something is left out by a salesman the installers are instructed to call and let them know so any additional work can be approved. We correct our labor bills according to the specifications of the job, but it does not matter because they refuse to pay for any additional work needed done to complete job. I always make it a point to inform them on anything different on the job to make sure we will get paid. They expect us to call right away to let them know of any extra work but when we do they either refuse or just don’t care to change the labor bill and in the end we get screwed. It seems that selective memory loss has run ramped in this company because it is very rare that we get paid for any additional work we do. I just expect to get paid for the work we do. (#8) We turned in labor bill for a job that required fascia repairs; we keep wood on the truck for this reason. The wood was bought 2 or 3 weeks ago so we hand wrote a receipt to get reimbursed for the material used. The production manager said this is a multi-million dollar company we do not accept hand written invoices. 10 minutes later a job came in that was sold, we no paperwork on it yet we were handed a piece of paper hand written with just the address and the footage saying it was south of Spartanburg S.C. when it was actually north of Spartanburg. We drove an hour and half out of our way. (#9) Today May 15, 2014 I informed my production manager that there was tons of rain and thunderstorms in the area we were scheduled to work in. Leaf Filter acts like it’s no big deal being on a ladder 20’ to 40’ off the ground in bad weather. Last time I checked they do not pay my insurance. So in the end I was given an ultimatum, either go down there and fight through the rain or bring your materials back, we don’t need you anymore. So we refused to go because the last time we went to a job and could not do it we ate the cost of the first trip. I was told by my production manager that the rain would clear out by the time we got down there which was a lie. The estimated time of arrival was the same time that there was the most chance of rain and would last into the afternoon. Keep in mind this would have been a 4 and half hour trip. Round trip would have been 9 hours. (#10) At this current moment Leaf Filter is holding $1200.00 in retainage and also owing us money cut from our checks totaling over $1500.00. We have addressed this issue several times and nothing has been done about it. This company is big on double standards. Their mission statement should say. We will step on crush or eliminate anyone in our way of getting to the bank. We do our very best to do the job right the first time. These are the main issues we have. We can provide all specific documentations for these related issues. All this company cares about is getting their money and forcing their installers to work in terrible weather conditions. It’s money first, safety and realism comes last.

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Tom | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello, Thank you for your input. We appreciate it!
#418292 Review #418292 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Half these complaints are anonymous........what does that tell you ?

Most of this is all BOGUS. !

! ! It does a discredit to the industry when false complaints are filed. We homeowners try to do our best due diligence, and then find it difficult at best to get proper information.

If you anonymous individuals refuse to leave your name at the very least, how can you be taken seriously.

You just hope there are enough of us that are that gullible. Please take some time, go back and at least tell us who you are to lend at least a little validity.

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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection Review | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello- Thank you for your positive feedback. We are so pleased that you are satisfied with our gutter guards. LeafFilter truly is the #1 gutter guard system in America.
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I Have a heavily wooded home. My gutters always get Clogged. I spent about $6000 on gutter protection that worked off a reverse curve. My gutters still clogged.

I read the reviews about Leaffilter and I must say I was skeptical. But the truth is it really works. My installers here locally in Charlotte were awesome. The salesman was great very low-pressure, I like to buy I don't want to be sold.

My complaint is, where was leaf filter 15 years ago when I spent $6000 on something that didn't work. Leaf filter offers the best value for your dollar.