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Zero after-sales service in Toronto | LeafFilter North review from Hudson, Ohio

Bob – We are following up with the Toronto team right away to find out what is happening. We will have someone reach out to you within 24 hours to address your concerns and provide a resolution. Thank you.
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  • Good product
  • Appalling after-sales service
  • Expensive
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Deliver product or service ordered
Zero after-sales service in Toronto - LeafFilter North review

It is over two months since I first contacted you regarding an ongoing severe blockage problem in the system you installed last year:

1. First they send somebody around who was not comfortable climbing the ladder to inspect the problem (!)


The rescheduled appointment was a no show.

3. The next rescheduled appointment was a no show.

The assistant project manager for Toronto assigned to deal with the problem is simply hopeless. He ignores my e-mails. He ignores my phone calls.

He refuses to accept voice-mail messages.

I again contacted your service centre last week. They said they were sorry to hear about the hiccups (!) and said they will be contacting the regional managers as well as local managers to take care of the issue.

Nobody has contacted me.

You people boast that you provide the best customer service in the industry. Simply the worst in Toronto.

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Exceptionally Poor Service | LeafFilter North review from Hudson, Ohio

Hi Mark – We apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your comments to our service team and will have someone reach out shortly.
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Reason of review
Installation without my consent, and now have damage
Preferred solution
Re install original gutter protection, fix the damage done, and an apology from management and original salesmen.

Sales rep used high pressure sales tactics and threatened that the 40% in discounts offered to me after each time i said i was not interested would expire the minute he left my property. He had me sign a form so that i could think about it for two hours and do some research as i told him i was not comfortable making the purchase after a 45 minute sales pitch.

I later told him i would not be moving forward at which time he replied that i was wasting his time. So much for a free estimate. This was on 5/31. Today, on 6/3, i come home to find installers, installing the product.

The installer was very nice and apologized, stating this happens often and offered to remove the product at no cost to me. I later found out, he was unable to reinstall my original leaf protection product and i now have damage to my gutter.

I contacted the salesmen, upper management, left voice mails, talked with Bobbi in installation, many SM requests and no one is offering a solution to the problem i now have. Terrible service all the way around!

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Not happy with the sales team and financing aspect of the whole process. | LeafFilter North review from Hudson, Ohio

Hi John- Thank you for your honest feedback. A manager will call you shortly to discuss your concerns.
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  • Product not as promised
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Deliver product or service ordered

I agreed to have Leaf Filter redo some trim on my century home. I didn't want their gutter protection as it was way too expensive.

During the sales meeting I expressed that I wanted a gutter replaced because it could not handle the volume of water during heavy rains and was creating an additional problem of flooding in my basement. I even pointed out a spot in my house where the gutter overflows and causes a moisture problem on the inside. The subcontractors showed up much sooner than I expected as it was bitter cold and snowing. They worked about a half day and left because they did not have the proper equipment to reach the height of an older two story home.

I was led to believe that the material they were using was a Leaf Filter product that was perforated to allow for ventilation of the attic. However it was not perforated, installed directly over the old wood soffit and picked up at the ABC store in Hudson! Not to be confused with the ABC Liquor Store they told me! The next day I received a call from the salesman saying the price was misquoted and would like me to come up with $500 more!

Gutter never was installed, I'm being billed for costs that I didn't want through their finance company which shows up on my credit report and looks unfavorable to my bank when I applied for a loan! Subcontractors were qualified, courteous, and underpaid! They were not surprised when I told them the work was not done and admitted there were other problems with other clients. Then they pointed out to me that there was no mention of a gutter replacement in the contract!


Gutter people don't do gutters or buyer beware! I've been bamboozled by a team of con artists!

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Review in Household Services category from Hudson, Ohio | LeafFilter North review

Thank you for your feedback. We take our reviews seriously. As you pointed out, reviews can be left on a variety of sites including TrustPilot, Angie's List, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor.
#866433 Review #866433 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Here's a repost...but one with solid information. Oddly, the first reccomendation of "posting on the company's facebook page" is no longer valid. Huh, it looks like leaffilter opted to turn off facebook's review functionality...why would a company do that??? Lol.


Posting on this site may make you feel a little better. It’s a good place to vent. But, you’re not going to get a resolution to your leaffilter problems by posting here. Want to get a resolution from Leaf Filter, or any home improvement company? Just follow the steps below.

1) Facebook

- Post a REVIEW on the company’s Facebook page(s).

- Don’t post a comment to their wall. Post a REVIEW with the star rating. When you post a review the company cannot delete or edit it.

- LeafFilter has 2 Facebook pages where you can leave a Review:

1) facebook.com/LeafFilter/reviews

2) facebook.com/LeafFilterReviews/reviews

Posting Facebook reviews has high visibility, they can only be edited or removed by you, and they will help you get help.

2) Post Reviews on More Prominent Review Sites

- TrustPilot (trustpilot.com/review/www.leaffilter.com).

- Home Advisor.

- Yelp.

- Angie’s List (if you are a member).

Posting on these sites will impact the company’s marketing and will help you to get a resolution.

3) Better Business Bureau

- File a complaint with your local BBB.

The company will have to respond and defend their actions to the BBB. If/when the BBB receives enough complaints the company’s rating will fall OR they will lose their BBB accreditation.

4) Google Maps/Business

- Find the company on google.com/maps/ and add your reviews.

- Much like Facebook reviews these can only be edited by you and they have strong public visibility when people search for a company online.

5) Feds & State Government

- Federal Trade Commission: ftc.gov/about-ftc/bureaus-offices/bureau-consumer-protection

- File a complaint with your state’s attorney general.

- It’s unlikely that your one complaint will cause a response. But if these offices start seeing the same company’s name over and over again they will eventually take action.

- NOTE, if you are a senior who feels you were misled be sure to include this information.

6) Cash is King

- Last, but for from least, did you pay with a credit card or financing?

- If so, great! Contact your financial institution and dispute the charges. Your credit card company or bank will side with you until the matter is resolved in your favor.

If you want to vent, this site is a great resource. If you want to take actions that will get you results then just follow the steps above.

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Leaffilter North - Gutters Review from Hudson, Ohio

Hi there - We have very desire to address your unique situation. Leaves and debris that are stuck to the system is unrepresentative of how our product is intended to work. Please contact us at 800-749-4566 and we'd be happy to look at your LeafFilter system and provide a solution.
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Biggest rip off! My gutters are not clogged with leaves but the "patented nonstick screen" cover has tons of leaves stuck to it.

Was told by their salesman and VP I should get on a ladder to clean the leaves from the gutters. One of the employees googled my address and said my roof was too steep for their product. The VP talks over you and will not allow you to speak or work on a solution.

He is loud and not professional. Please reconsider using this company unless you are younger and capable of climbing a 20 foot ladder to scrape the leaves from the screen or get the system and watch the water overflow.

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