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Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you know anything about advertising and sales, other competition go on to these sites and talk down their competitors that are succeeding because they are failing. Ask people you know who have the product and make a decision for yourself.

I've had leaffilter since the company opened and I love the product. Sales in sales. Every sales agent is pushy. Its their job to make commission.

From experience the over all product is amazing and if I do ever find myself not happy, I have a lifetime money back guaruntee so if that time ever comes then I will deal with it then. Do you real research and dont believe everything you hear online.

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Nesconset, New York, United States #1052664

Funny but you yourself have left your comment anonymously! I can tell you from experience that most of the negative comments on this site about leaffilter are probably accurate.

To be fair, leaffilter does do thousands of installations without complaints, but their product certainly does clog with algae on some homes and you are, in reality, subject to the possible lack of expertise of subcontractor installers.

Those are just facts. The markup on the product is also extreme as the remarks from past salesman attest.


Yes, it's a well known fact, happy customers go looking for a place that disputes the experience they paid dearly for a product that just does what it says. For a company to spend this much time online looking to write fake testimonials on a site that was created because you haven't fulfilled your promises speaks volumes.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #823982

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