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As a company, we pride ourselves in offering the best gutter guard and best customer service to homeowners across the country. We are BBB accredited company and have received positive LeafFilter reviews on a variety of third party sites including HomeAdvisor, Trustpilot, and Angies List. We do not condone deceptive sales practices as noted above.
Lewiston, New York

Use to work for Leaffilter, or should I say, was a subcontractor.

We are told to lie to the customer, and do anything we can to

get the sale. Salespeople, like the installers are NOT employees,

just temporary subcontractors. We only got paid if we could bilk the

customer out of as much money as possible. For those who are still

considering this product, listen to the pitch, and wait. They start of a

a outrageous price of about $ 30 ft. If the customer balks, we "discount to $ 26.00 ft.

If they still balk, $ 20.00 ft. As a last resort, we call the manager, put him

on speaker phone, and he comes up with a B.S. story and says we can get

it at $ 13.00 ft. They try to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible.

As a last resort. They sell it at cost (yeah right) and still make a ton of money,

expect for the poor salesman. It is a *** game. Many promises- no follow

through. Buyer beware. The whole outfit is unethical. Let see If the is a company has a response to this and lies again. As they say in Texas- Leaffilter is all hat, and no

cattle! Had to leave the company. It is tough to lie to nice unsuspecting people

all day, and try to sleep at night!

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Thank you Sir, I'm so glad that I have cancel out a 3600.00 contract (originally quote it for $4100) before 3 business day of my right that's* already $500 discount for only 130 total ft of gutters was needed, the salesman immediately gave me another $300 more off try to save the contract. And sorry, they still over $1500 more than my cousin's home gutter guard cost which his house is substantially much bigger than mine with the same vinyl material product.


All hat and no cattle...awesome saying.

to Anonymous Nesconset, New York, United States #1052657

Big snake no rattle, big boat no paddle...etc - listen to the Randy Newman song!


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