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Hi there - If you are experiencing plant material building up in the corner valleys, please contact us as this is not how LeafFIlter should be performing. We have every desire to correct your issues and provide a solution to your unique situation. Our dedicated service and support team will be happy to speak to you.
Olympia, Washington

Plant material will build up in the corner valleys and the water will run off your roof just like going through a hose. The water splashes up on the siding and gets dirt and wet causing damage to the siding.

They came out and put splash guards on the valleys and all it does is cause me to have to get up on the roof more frequently. All along the gutter plant material that gets wet will stick on the screen and water will run over the top of it and down the side of the gutter on on the facia board causing rot. The plant material will not blow off in the next wind. It only comes off when you go up and clean it.

I have to go up on the roof and clean the leaf filter guards once a week during the winter months.

I hope at some point there is a class action suit against this company. DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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