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I am so sorry to hear that you installation did not go as planned. We have 150,000 customers, and although we hope that every installation goes smoothly and as planned, there are some unique circumstances that are very few and far between. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
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we were scheduled for an install for Nov. 1st and the salesman picked the date and said they would be out at 7 am.

This was scheduled for a sat. and I asked him twice because we wouldn't get up that early on our day off but he said that is when they would be here. Well needless to say they never showed up and never called.I called sat and got an answering machine that says they are closed and I left my information someone called me back on monday at my home number and asked me my name and number and said they would call back. lol they called me from the information I left why call to get the information gain and say we will call you back.

No calls so I called for a manger which hey told me there wasn't anyone just the person who schedules.He said he had no reason they why they did not show up. After seeing the complaints I am glad they didn't show up I will fine another company.

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Be glad you ran when you had the chance. Wish we had.


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