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Hi there, I am sorry to hear that your roofers messed up sections of the LeafFilters. Based on many different variables, including the number of feet of damaged LeafFilter, the number of stories on your home, the number of inside/outside corners, etc. would affect the price of LeafFilter. We truly apologize that Matt did not get back to you in a timely fashion.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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I paid what turns out to be an obscene amount of money some years ago to have Leaf Filter installed on my home. I have been moderately happy with the L.F. system, it keeps leaves out of the gutters but in a moderate to heavy rain the water runs over the gutters and onto the ground.

Recently I had my roof replaced and the roofers messed up a section of the L.Fs. creating very small gaps in some of the covers. Everything worked normal but I was concerned bees or something may find their way in there. I called L.F. to get an estimate and was told the area manager "Matt" will contact me. No call. After some time I called again and was told the same thing. Matt then called many days later stating he was busy. We set up an appointment and Matt turned out to be a no call no show! I waited a week for him to contact me with some excuse but he did not. I then tried to contact him but no return call. I told L.F. "I am through with Matt, is there anybody else I can talk to". The operator told me the manager "Scott" will contact me that day. No calls from the manager but Matt called(the person I said I did not want to deal with anymore). He sent an employee to measure the area who then put me on the phone with Matt who told me he would give me an estimate "today or tomorrow at the latest". No estimate! 2weeks later Scott(the manager) called me. He clearly did not have any measurements from Matt because he asked me how much of the gutter system needed repair. I told him to ask Matt for the measurements. Scott then "pulled out my file" and gave me as estimate of $1950.00 to fix the one section of L.F. system with small gaps in the covers! Scott couldn't understand why I wouldn't set up a appointment for repair! Scott never apologized for Matt and when I explained why I wasn't happy with the Leaf Filter company he became aggressive with me so I hung up on him.

Poor employees stem from poor management. Poor managers stem from a poor company.

BTW I repaired the section my self. It cost me about $17.00 and took about a half hour of my time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Guard.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

LeafFilter North Cons: Bad service.

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$2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) to fix one section--was the section one-thousand feet long??? When stories are too horrific to be true, they are most often untrue!!!


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