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Hi Angela - We'd like to look into your concerns further and provide a resolution as soon as possible. We have forwarded your comments and someone should be reaching out shortly.
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Satisfaction guaranteed... Not here.

Sold that product need little maintenance. Not true. Sold they do quality work. Not true

The pollen and small particles from the trees actually form a hard, water resistant mixture that cakes to the screen and has to be scraped off annually.

Not much less work than I was doing before, but now the water runs over the gutters not into them. Might work in a deciduous area but useless in firs, pines and particularly cedars.

Also ambitious salesman promised no leaks. I pointed out a problem inside corner that took us years to seal but had it fixed for 3 years. He promised they could handle it.

Of course after they reworked our gutters that corner (by a doorway) has dripped ever since.

The employee that comes on service calls is prompt and courteous but after 3 calls the inside corner still drips. Other small comment is the install gang actually missed a place and a call had to be made to get the job completed the next week.

Friday afternoon service. Sigh.

Angela Stanford (Vancouver Island)

User's recommendation: But the cheap stuff at local hardware or hire a kid ... You will be farther ahead either way.

Preferred solution: I would like the leak fixed. I would also like a refund as your company has not lived up to its "satisfaction guaranteed". .

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