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Hello- LeafFilter makes it a priority to protect every customer's confidential information. All financial information is handled with the highest level of security.
Vernon Hills, Illinois

I happen to love the product from Leaf Filter however I do not love the way Leaf Filter (N. Illinois) protected by credit card information.

Credit Card information was written on paper and faxed around the organization and low and behold several fraudulent credit card charges showed up shortly thereafter. No real proof however strong circumstantial evidence since only charge on CC was Leaf Filter other than normal recurring charges.

For 1st time in life had to closed credit account and obtain new card...

Product is good however "cannot" recommend the Leaf Filter company to family/friends since my trust in them protecting my credit information was lost.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I would respectfully disagree since I did not use this particular credit card except for recurring monthly bills and I happened to see the fax (w/account # information) in the hands of the installer who put the gutters/leaf filter on my house. There was no need for the installer to have that information and as such would say the information was not as protected as you happen to think it is.

Respectfully yours


We regret your unfortunate situation. However, even as you mention there is no proof regarding how your credit card was used fraudulently. We follow strict security and privacy measures to safeguard consumers' information. Faxes and other transmissions are secure and only accessible by limited persons.

It is much more likely that your credit card information was comprised from an online transaction.

Greg Banig

Director of Digital Media

LeafFilter North, Inc.


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