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Hi Chris, Your situation is very unique. We'd like to discuss this further with you to see if we can come to a solution. Please reach out to our service support team at 800-749-4566. Thank you!
Dayton, Ohio
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Company salesperson reviewed work to be done in Ohio, then wrote up a contract to install about 95 feet of gutter protection for $1,284. First crew came out and could not start because they did not have the necessary scaffolding to work around the hot tub area.

Sale manager, Drew, called to reschedule and also to work out details on an issue the initial installers founds. Drew was very professional.

But, the day before the rescheduled installation, someone called from the company telling me they are canceling the contract (which is not a provision in their contract) because they did not want to pay to erect scaffolding. Integrity is, in my opinion, severely lacking with management.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

LeafFilter North Cons: No filters installed, Customer service and quality of product, Dishonesty.

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I'm actually having it removed from my house. It just doesn't work (for me) water runs over.

The screen clogs.

It works great on the part of my roof with no trees.

Everywhere else, just a disappointment.

I'll go with gutter cleaning vs clogged leaffilter screens.


That stinks.

I guess if they can kill a contract within 3 days that anyone who purchased and is installed without 3 days waiting could (based on their state laws) also void and not pay.

If the company can void within three days. And, the homeowner can void within 3 days (even if the product has been installed and cant legally be removed) how is this not fair?

to Anonymous #1049732

It was not three days, it was 14 days after the contract was signed.


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