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Hi there- Thank you for your feedback. The situation mentioned in this review is extremely rare. The employee in question is no longer with LeafFilter.
Beaverton, Oregon
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I don't know who you are but your information about the ops manager is incorrect. I know this because I'm his ex wife.

He's the father of my child and I would never marry a criminal. What happened was tragic and my heart breaks for all involved but all you purple know is what the media has put out there. We have a judicial system in this country, THAT is where all the truth will be known. Not before.

He was very good at his job, he expected nothing short of excellence from his team. The tragedies I'm his personal life have NOTHING to do with the company he worked for. You sound like the guy who left a nasty post elsewhere and when I figured out you used to work fit him you prompt deleted your comment.

I think your nothing more than a disgruntled ex employee who couldn't do the job. Go crawl under a rock some where

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