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We are so sorry to hear that you are disappointed in our product and service. We make it our mission to provide our customers with the best product, right along with the best customer service. All of LeafFilter’s installers are trained and local professionals that focus solely on gutters; we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers, ensuring that your gutters are properly cleaned, realigned, and LeafFilter Gutter Protection is properly installed. We can assure you that Leaffilter is the most effective gutter guard on the market. We have every desire to correct any outstanding issues. If you would like to discuss your situation further, please contact our corporate office.
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I have unfortunately used the LeafFiler North recently. Here is my review about this company:

I am greatly disappointed by the product and the company’s service. LeafFilter North has not completed what was promised in their contract.

1. Downspouts not cleaned and realigned. The contract specified they would clean and realign all downspouts. They attempted only one (1) of sixteen (16). Their website (Gutter Guards | LeafFilter) specifies that installation will include “Step 2: Clean and Realign Downspout.” After partially attempting to clean one downspout, they advised that the bottom was blocked and they simply didn’t continue. Their promise was not completed.

2. Homeowner Inspection Certificate not received. Their website specifies their final step is “We will walk the perimeter of your property along with you to inspect the completed work and to answer any question or concerns you may have. You will then receive our Homeowner Inspection Certificate that guarantees a satisfactory installation.” They did not complete this inspection with me so I did not get to approve the installation. I would not have approved if I had been given the chance. I have never received a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

3. Subcontracted Company and no response to complaints. LeafFilter was not the company that came to install the product. I was never told that they would use another company to do the job. If I knew I would not hire them. I called the day of the installation to complain that the job had not been completed properly. My first call reached a LeafFilter salesman JB, but he hung up on me. My second call reached a regional manager. He promised that he would personally come to check the work. He did not show up at the scheduled appointment time. He called after the appointment time had passed to reschedule. He did not show up for that appointment either. There was no call, no explanation after that. LeafFilter North has not followed through on their promises.

4. Improper installation. The product was installed poorly in comparison to the workmanship promised on their website and promised by the salesman. There are gaps between the guard system and the roof. There is damage to the roof in several places. They made poorly measured cuts to the fascia board exposing the wood to the elements which will cause rot. Please see the attached are photos of the poor product installation on my property.

5. Product failure. The system has not worked. I’ve since found another customer complaint that echoes my experience: “I know the guarantee says "nothing but water" in the gutters, but it should say "Not even water" in the gutters.” (LeafFilter - Redmond, WA | Yelp) LeafFilter gives a “lifetime guarantee” but their installation was never completed properly so the system didn’t work from day one! The promises and claims of this product and the LeafFilter company have fallen short. Attached are photos that show how the leaves sit on top of the gutters to block the water get into the gutters.

I have come to the conclusion that I have spent $13,509.59 on a gutter system that was installed improperly by a company (through a subcontractor) that has not responded to my complaints. I am devastated to discover that the company, their product and their promises are fraudulent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Guard.

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