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Hi - We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your unique sales experience. Our pricing structure depends on a number of different factors and it is our intention to get you the best price for our product, which may require reaching out to the district manager.
Ashburn, Virginia

And every post pretty much hit it on the head:

* slam all the competitors first, lock in your product as most logical solution

* price- some BS price sheet- starts out $30.00 per foot

* NO- price drops 20%

* What would you pay for the system question posed

* Throw out a low ball number, sales guy says no

* I tell him I'm done

* He calls manager at my kitchen table (was really a make believe call as his cell phone didn't light up

* He drops price to right under my low ball

* I still said no when I saw it was a make believe call and called him out on it

* Finally Threw him out no more then 20 minutes ago

It's all true, thanks for saving me a fortune!

Caveat Emptour Evereyone!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yeah complete joke of a company .. If you bought it you would have watched them silicone it together in your yard.. And then the fine print states the "workmanship" is only guaranteed for a year, then you get charged for service calls...


I am disgusted with Leaf filter. Poor service.

overflow, torrential in steady rain. No one wants to hear about all the things wrong. Rude, arrogant, disrespect, discount and invalidation. Accused that the problem was mine and in my head.

Theres more, think about it! and fill in the blanks!!


How much was your low ball price per foot and what was the final offer for the leaf filter price per foot?


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