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Hi Karen, We are very happy to hear that you are pleased with our company service representatives. Thank you for being a satisfied LeafFilter customer!
Indianapolis, Indiana
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The sales representative from Leaf Filter just left my house a few hours ago. I had expressed interest in the product and receiving a quotation at our local county fair and received a discount coupon. Because of the coupon amount, I was not expecting the estimate to be cheap; however, this is my home and I don't want "cheap". I have been considering some type of leaf/debris system for my gutters for a few years, and I have done research as well as polling co-workers for their experiences with gutter protection systems.

The salesman was on time and courteous. He did talk about other guard systems and was equitable in mentioning positives as well as negatives of competitors' systems. I asked him about replacing my gutters because they leak from the seams and are slightly bent in some places. He could have easily taken my question and padded the potential sale; however, he stated there was no reason they could not seal the gutters and take care of those issues without incurring the cost of gutter replacement (sealing gutters is something they do as part of the Leaf Filter installation not an additional charge).

The salesman made special notation regarding my color choice. Currently, my gutters are white; however, I am having my house painted in the near future and beige is my chosen accent color. He wanted to make sure there was no mistake in this regard.

The salesman did offer a special discount for summer installation rather than waiting until fall, though not the unrealistic thousands of dollars I've read in some of the posts on this site. The starting price was reasonable for a quality product that will protect my home from water damage. But, like any product or service, prices are always negotiable.

Installation is tomorrow, during the day, and the salesman stressed the importance of my being here to inspect the installation. I will let you know how it goes. So far, I am satisfied with the representatives of this company.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Good customer service.

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Norwalk, Connecticut, United States #1207598

Stop fooling yourself. You just wait n see how lucky you really are you wasted your $

King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States #1182346

Who the heck posts a positive review on pissed consumer? Let me guess, a Leaffilter employee.

East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States #1181958

Google "leaffilter" images and look at the inferior product.

Buyer Beware. Be smart. Do your research.

West Orange, New Jersey, United States #1181955

Wow! Install before the 3 day right of rescission.

to Anonymous Hudson, Ohio, United States #1182344

Good advice for any home improvement project. Unless it's emergency repairs, wait the allowed number of days before the installation. Of course companies want to install and get PAID asap.


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