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So sorry to hear about your frustrations. We're passing this on to our support team, so someone should be in touch to provide further assistance.

Was told the Leaf Filters would be installed on 07/22. No one showed up so I called.

No answer on 2 of the numbers and said voicemail was full. Finally, got someone on another number after waiting on hold for 15 minutes. She stated that it was scheduled for 07/24. No it wasn't, but whatever.

Friday (07/24) came and no-show again! I called again and expressed how frustrated I was. She asked if they could reschedule and I said no to just forget it! Fast-forward to 08/13 and 2 shady looking men wearing cut off t-shirts with a ladder bungee strapped to the top of a raggedy truck just showed up to install my leaf filters.

No company vehicle, no uniforms, no company t-shirts, nothing! The dude knocked on my front door smoking a cigarette and looked like he had been living out of his truck! Ummmmm...... NO!

We DO NOT do business with shady people or companies who do not keep their word.

I had to tell him multiple times that I no longer wanted to do business with them and DO NOT install that product. Ridiculous!!

User's recommendation: Do not do business with this company.

Preferred solution: Do not come back-- Trespass Notice.

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