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Hi there - LeafFilter is designed to never disturb your roof, because this will void your roof warranty. Made from a medical grade stainless steel material, nothing organic will adhere to our system or grow on it. We have every desire to address your issues. Please reach out to our dedicated customer service team so that we can provide a solution to your unique situation.
Holland, Michigan

I had this and brand new gutters installed in Holland, MI and I must say that from Day it was a disaster, first the Sales Manager Rick Mosbey said that we could match any color perfectly which was a complete lie. He then say that they wouldnt stick anything under my shingles, that was also a lie because they put straps under my shingles which the liar was so against.

Then he told me that everything would blow right off, GUESS WHAT ANOTHER LIE!!!!! The stuff sticks right to the SURGICALLY ENGINEERED MICROMESH and my gutters are non existent so therefore we spent $7400.00 for gutters and its worse than not having gutters at all.

This company is a joke they were not willing to offer any solutions other than go spray them off with the hose, this would be okay but we just had them installed. I wouldnt refer this company to my worst enemy.

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Glenrothes, Fife, United Kingdom #1136186

I can tell u mate you could have done the job yourself for a fifth of the price. I worked for a company in Scotland .

I was contracted to a large company in Elgin when our work was almost compleat.

The managing director of the company asked me to do some extra work on the building ie:- Seagull feathers were choking the gutters and downpipes. My crew and myself. undertook the work

we only fitted larger diameter down - pipes

cut them short at the bottom by 500mm. form a drain with a

4-inch lip and fit a grating with small holes so leaves can not get through.Keep a yard brush handy and just sweep the leaves out of the grating.put them in the compost heap.

Job done

No scam company no. over rated bills.


We had them at our house for an estimate,we started at over 5000,which is way out of our budget. Then he called his boss and asked if there was anything else they could do,we went down to 4000 range.ugh still to much for our budget.

The next day the project manager called me to see if all went well with the estimate,i said yes can't afford it,he said he had a lot of inventory left over and didn't need that much inventory.

We could have it done for 2000 dollars i was mad so to say,if he can offer it down that low the next day,he could have done it for same price before.I just say this a company that is trying to rip off. Thank You

to susie #833622

Fake. Thanks "Susie". I guess your husband's name is John Smith.

to Anonymous Cumming, Georgia, United States #972294

My neighbor just got leaf filter and raved how much research she did and pressed me to check into them before signing a contract to get new gutters. The many snarky comments on this and other reviews has totally convinced me to spare myself from associating with a company which puts so much effort into degrading and mocking the opinions of others. If you have a great product and good business ethics, you respond to complaints with good customer service, not this kind of childish churlish mud slinging.


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