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Your reviews across Trust Pilot and Pissed Consumer are genuinely concerning to us, Donna. We escalated your information to our customer service team. A member of our team will get back to you within the next 24 hours, being that it is almost after our business hours. For immediate assistance, we can also be reached at 800-749-4566.
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Update by user Jun 16, 2021

The Oregon CCB mediation has provided some resolution resulting from Leaffilter installation of their product on a gutter system not designed for their product. The mediation contract puts a *** order on what is said beyond what is public information obtained by looking up this case.

I have learned the following from this experience. Subcontractors can be licensed and bonded but could be unskilled at the work they do. They could be working at a fast food place or pumping gas and then an owner of a construction company. Ask if the work will be subcontracted and check their reviews if you can.

Check the CCB for licensing, bonding and complaints against them. National companies have more money than you when you go forward with litigation. They will run you out of money. You will settle with losses caused by the company as those will be less than the lawyers fees.

National companies have markets outside of your area, so a few damaging reviews will not impact them the same way that local businesses. Reputations are important to local companies so they work harder to please.If you are sent a salesperson that want you to sign a contract that day. Don't. Local companies know you will want an estimate and will leave you with their offer and know you will do comparison shopping.

Remember it is not just the product but the installation and service that is important in purchasing a product or service.Comparison shop. Is there a fee for cancelling the contract. Are there call out fees if problems occur later down the line. Does the contract have *** order clauses which suggest you will not use social media to complain about them.

What is the warranty exactly... read the fine print. Read reviews. The ones where the products have been used or installed for more than a few months.

In every product line glitches can occur but they usually occur later than around the time of purchase/delivery/installation. What do professionals say. If there are *** orders on the customer, the professionals repairing or replacing the product may have written or made a social media post related to the product. They maybe frustrated with customers being taken and speak out for them.I will be putting my house back in order and hiring someone to clean my gutters.

It would have been better to have hired a local handyman to clean gutters in the first place.

It also provides a job and helps circulate money in the local community. No need to have the money go to a large corporation when you can go local and keep your local economy healthy and vibrant.

Original review posted by user Apr 24, 2021

Leaffilter sales is high pressure. I paid nearly $6000 for their gutter protection on my 1500 Sq ft one story home.

They said my gutters didn't need replacing. The brochures were professional but the sales person didn't have a business card with his name printed on it. He said I was getting a discount because in our conversation I told him I was a service connected disabled veteran. The original price was $10,000.

The installers came quickly from signing the contract.

They came in an older truck, no identification on the truck, no business card, or uniform. They wanted a check for payment. They came late in the day and when I asked questions, they barked, do you want us to do the job or not. They finished after sundown with long shadows over my house from the neighbors trees.

They said they were needed to do two more houses. I thought at the time that they were rushing my house and it was too late to do anymore.

Two days later when visiting my neighbor, he remarked the system was poorly installed and showed me from his deck that the filter system was over lapping each other and my roof shingles were lifted....something the sales guy warned would happen from the competitive companies.

I called the 800 number, talked with a nice guy and sent pictures.

I had a repair crew sent out. This time 2 young guys in an older truck, no business cards, uniforms or marked truck. The foreman was a son of a local contractor and he kept calling dad as to what to do next.

The filter system looked better and they used clear silicone to glue some gaps. They left the lifted tiles as pressing them down would create more damage.

I went through the winter...and frankly I don't go out much so didn't inspect my gutters. I did notice a leak where my covered roof over my deck connects to the facia below the gutter.

In the spring 24 hours after the last rain, I was walking under the eve of my roof to my gate and had water drip from the corner miter of my facia. It was still dripping 48 hours after the last rain.

I was having my fence replaced and had people come out to give me bids The owner of the company I went with for the fence replacement walked under by eve where I was dripped on.. He looked up to find out why he was getting dripped on 48 hours after the last rain. He is a general contractor and said I needed to file a CCB complaint after hearing my story. He looked over the rest of my gutter system and immediately saw water flowing behind the gutters on all sides of the house.

I complained againt to Leaffilter.

They sent a guy, in an unmarked truck no uniform, no business card and no ladder, camera or even a pen. He looked up at what I showed him, expected me to sign a photocopied document without the Leaffilter logo. He gave me a pencil and all the remarks were also in pencil. He left saying all is good.

I called the 800 number again and was told the inspector said the facia was damaged and leaking from before the Leaffilter product was installed. Really. I had a home inspection for a refi in July and all was good with my home at that time. I specifically asked what the home inspector thought of the gutters and roof...and I was told not to replace them as they had years of life on them.

I called the state contractor board and learned I needed to get 2 to 3 estimate on what it would take to get the project done right.

The first company immediately saw they put a 6 inch filter guard on a 4 1/2" gutter, which meant they pulled the gutter away from the facia and lifted shingles to cram it into place.

The silicone is not meant to expand and contract with the weather and so it became a lump of goop creating more problems by backing water away from the downspouts. This contractor saw extensive facia damage, and standing water around my foundation and recommended I have them removed and the gutters pushed back in place temporarily. They needed replacing as the old style gutters were attached with long nails which are not meant to be pushed out and the pushed back in.

I sent a letter as the Oregon State CCB complaint process requires. The company is npw relentlessly is hounding me.

I never get the same person twice and they all say they have no record of my previous complaints.

Bottom line. Replace your gutters if need and hire a company to clean and repair your gutters...all of this would have cost me around $3,000 for new gutters and the handyman service at $75-$100 annually for the rest of my life would have been cheaper than putting a gutter protection system on my house.


Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Installation.

Monetary Loss: $5700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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