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Hi There- LeafFilter does not cause tree damage. If you are having issues with your system or have further questions, please contact our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566.
Hartford, Connecticut

After the system was installed I noticed every shrub and bush around the home started to turn a gray color and eventually every last tree, flower and blade of grass around my home had died. All LeafFilter's fault.

Also the neighbor's bushes and trees are starting to look pretty bad too. He had some questions about my yard dying and then started to notice his stuff was dying in his yard too. So now he's mad at me when he should be mad at LeafFilter. Please be careful while dealing with this company.

You could loose your trees like I did.

Thanks for reading.

Shane C. Berlin, CT

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ShaneC...I work for LF.....there is NO WAY a gutter guard can kill trees...shrubs.....grass....and the like. I just happen to be here in CT visiting.

My email is Email me and I will be happy to come take a look.


It clearly sounds as if you received a cursed gutter guard. I would suggest tracking down a shaman as soon as possible.

You're gonna need a couple dozen chickens for sacrificing if you have any chance of removing the demons from your gutter guards.

These kind of problems are serious and are exactly what the home improvement industry is trying to hide.

Last year my neighbors down the street got a new driveway installed. Two months later, bam, my dog dies. Coincidence?

*** no.

And just last month my other neighbors got a new roof installed. The next week, boom, my wife left me.

Bad timing...dumb luck???? No way, no how.

'Merica, we need to wake up and teach the home improvement industry that we are not patsies that they can walk all over with the demons and voodoo projects that curse our neighborhoods.

Do it for my poor dead dog, my *** wife and the trees.


That's the whole problem with sites like this... There is absolutely no accountability and people can put anything they want on here.

Complete waste of time reading anything on here. I think I am actually dumber after reading this...

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #802247

how in the world do you get that a GUTTER filter is causing your trees, flower, and grass around your home to die? are the leaves it keeps out of the gutter now on the ground and you're failing to pick them up which ends up congesting your lawn causing a terrible thatch layer causing the lawn/trees/plants whatever to die?

and why should the neighbor be mad at them or you for that matter. I can't see how in the world you can blame a gutter filter for killing all the shrubbery around your home that you claim it did.

I think you need to get your soil tested and pronto as it sounds like you may have a serious leak of something because I just can't fathom how in the world a gutter filter would/could kill anything on the ground.


If this product was only supposed to keep leaves out of your gutters, how did it kill your trees and grass.


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