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When I started, within about 2-3 weeks, I was handed jobs with an estimated 200 feet for the week. Some jobs were not able to be done due to the estimators from leaf filter putting down wrong information, I never got reimbursed for the travel to the job.

As time progressed, I noticed that I was handed less and less jobs, and half of the jobs of that week could not be preformed due to wrong information on the work orders. The Project manager then decided to give me 1 job a week. When I started, I was told that there were jobs backed up for over 6 months and was guaranteed consistent work, I soon found out that was a lie. I had asked the project manager if work was becoming slow, he told me it was and that he only had 3 crews working.

Then 3 weeks later the story changed from 3 to 20 when I sent a screen shot to the project manager stating that it was consistent installations. The project manager told me that 20 crews were working consistent and he informed me that they get first choice due to seniority. the contract does not say anything about seniority, it clearly states that I am contracted to install filters for leaf filter. Nor does the contract state anything about a quota that has to be met.

I had contacted the project manager around a month later to inform him that I was putting my 30 day notice in as the contract stated because I was not given any jobs.. The project manager had informed me that he had laid me off. The deffinition of laid off is a person who has lost their job. I looked it up.

This is the breech of contract due to the project manager did not give me a notice that I was being laid off. This is a conflict of interest because when you stand back and look at it all in the convocation's of text and email, it was planned for me to give the notice just to get rid of me. It is also discriminating to me as well. The advertisement also stated that we can make our own schedule and work when we wanted too.

I do have a screen shot of that too. Is this false advertisement as well, or just one man's stupidity? I am willing to clear this up before I send all this to my attorney. As for the breech of contract, That means I am entitled to the money that has been with held.

Until I get my money from Leaf filter, the filters that I do still have will be held as collateral until then. as for wasting my time going to jobs that were not able to be preformed due to wrong information on the work orders, I do believe compensation is in order. also, the project manager tried to force me to preform a job that required the drip edge to be removed, which would have had exposed the wood. I refused due to the possible insurance claim from moisture damage in the future.

There is so much about this. This is not good for the company.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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