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Hello, All customers have a 3-day right of cancellation and hopefully you took advantage of this and were able to successfully cancel. As long as contracts are cancelled within 3 days, there is no penalty to the customer.
Decatur, Georgia
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We ran across LeafFilter at the Great Georgia Airshow. We were interested in their product so we gave them our name and number ...

big mistake. They called many many times. Eventually I allowed them to come out and give us a quote for new gutters. Their quote was very high, 3 times the cost of a previous quote we had received from a competitor.

They had me sign the quote and we would talk the next day about possibly moving forward. After talking to my spouse and checking out the reviews online, we decided we should wait because we had several projects going on already. The salesman asked if he could call us back in a month to see where we stood. I just got a call from 770-416-0300 LeafFilter.

The man said he had a contract I signed in front of him and wanted to know when his men could come out and complete the work. I told him we declined the quote the next day and we were going to wait until some of the other projects were done. He told me had a signed contract in front of him and he would take us to court to get the money. I gave him my attorney's phone number.

He told me we could not stand up to them, they were a $44 million dollar a year company. I told him we would never do business with them now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Glenrothes, Fife, United Kingdom #1136177

Companies like that are robbing ba&t$"ds

People should steer clear of the likes of them.


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