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Hi Kileen – We always aim for perfect installations, but sometimes need to make corrections after the completion of the project. We have a full service and support team to assist you. Your comments have been forwarded to our escalated response team and we will have someone reach out to you ASAP.

We purchased Leaf Filter earlier this year and have had nothing but problems since the installers tore our roof in several places.

Steve Sellers came out and repaired (supposedly) with mule glue and had a downspout put in so the leaks would stop in one section out front.

The rear of our home has had a different approach and I have contacted these people several times since date of install!!!

Due to a severe leaks contrary to the SALES PITCH BS I asked them to do so...they do not show when an appointment is made nor do the customer service people know when to schedule a repair. Several dummies sho up, pretend to repair and leave. This isn’t going to work and I will be getting the State of TN involved to ban your *** company from TN! Revoke your license and make it clear that you hire lousy subcontractors to do installations. I have a video of the wort gutter setter and will be happy to have our Attorney present it to you of you don’t get this fixed at our time table. Not yours (as has been done all year!

My husband is a disabled Veteran and we are both extremely disgusted with the amount of money we spent as well as the lack of customer service front the beginning. The SOB Sales person never left his card nor had the balls to contact us when we requested. Guess he got his commission, right?

I need this repaired...replaced or reimbursed as soon as possible. Your company stinks and your sales people and advertising is misleading.

Eddie & Killeen Tenpenny

Murfreesboro TN

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LeafFilter North Cons: Customer service and quality of product, Customer service and quality of installation, Installers, Sales tactics.

  • Unresponsive retailer
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