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I had a Leaf Filter Salesman come yesterday. The 1.5 hours was a total waste of time, but I suppose it was entertainment and I even told the salesman that.

He seemed a bit offended by that...LOL. I didn't budge nor was my wife there. He dropped the price 3 times ($3200, then $3000; $2400; then $1600); called his boss; oh he has a commercial job coming and we can fit in your job in with those commercial jobs to save you even more money; when you get your roof done, you'll have to get new gutters...but not with our system! I can't even remember all of the different angles he used to "sell" you on this faulty system.

Do yourself a favor and search Leaf Filter scams or pull up review videos on YouTube about how ineffective this gutter system is.

The customer support is a series of broken promises to wear you down and frustrate you AFTER you've paid them.

What a total waste of money. I'm still young enough to get up on a ladder to clean my gutters and I intend to keep doing that.

Reason of review: Estimate.

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