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While we did not have the correct ladder for the first installation, our team worked diligently to find a longer ladder in timely manner to provide the customer with a quality installation & customer service experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated service team for additional comments and concerns.
Houston, Texas

Update by user Apr 26

It has not been resolved!!

Update by user Apr 26

Why have they not contacted me concerning the replacement of my wife's planting pots??

Original review posted by user Mar 27

On March 26, 2019, I listened to your salesman speak of how highly regarded and professional your company is. Not so!!

On the 26th I was told that you were sending someone over to my three-story townhouse with a ladder to ensure that they had the right equipment for the install on the 28th. Even though I made a point of stating that they would need a fifty-foot ladder, the worker showed up with a forty-foot ladder and I was forced to help him remove the ladder from his truck. When he attempted to raise the ladder, the weight prevented him. We waited for an additional employee to arrive to help and both of them together failed to raise the ladder.

When they lost control of the ladder, several of my wife's plant pots were broken; and I was struck in the knee causing a small laceration. They concluded that the supervisor was incorrect with his assessment concerning the required equipment to do the job. We all agreed that a power lift would be necessary to complete this job. They loaded the ladder back onto the truck and left.

They called the supervisor and told him what had happened and told me that the supervisor would call me; which he never did! In my opinion, this supervisor failed to look at the job site before assigning workers and equipment. I called the 800 telephone number and talked to a very cold and callous female who sounded like she could care less about the fact that I was canceling the contract. In my opinion, the supervisor had very little knowledge of how to complete my job safely.

However, your product seems to be viable. After this experience, I have lost trust in your company.

The salesperson seemed to have disappeared and also could not be contacted. Unacceptable!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LeafFilter North Pros: Salesman.

LeafFilter North Cons: Bad service.

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