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Hi there - It is our intention to provide our customers with the best possible price. In many cases, homeowners will qualify for discounts which will drive the price down. Pricing depends on a number of different factors, meaning that each quote is customized to the individual and the home. This link may able to help you further:
Lewiston, New York

I was interested in getting leaf filter, and had there salesman

come out to give my a price. He said I needed 150 feet,and

my price would be $ 4400.00. (almost $ 30 dollars a foot)

When I said I needed to think about it, he lowered the price to

$3800, saying he could offer a factory discount. When I said I still

wanted to think about it, he said I could get a flexible installation

discount, he again lowered the price, this time to $ 2900.00

if I would sign the contract today. Astounded by the sudden $ 1500.00

drop, I again said I needed time to think it over. He then called his

manager saying I needed time, and the manager said I could receive

commercial pricing because I had white gutters ( most everyone does)

and my price would be $ 1900, but I had to agree to a contract right away!

$ 2500 hundred dollar drop in a matter of minutes. They are obviously making

money at this price too. I them realized the pricing scam and said no thank

you!!! Beware consumers, the product did not seem bad but the deceptive

sales practices ,left me with a bad taste. Beware everyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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That's exactly what they did too us.


We just had the same experience today! The initial quote was $6,500, but within a matter of minutes it suddenly dropped to $2,500 if we would sign a contract.


The Consumer Reports ranking puts Gutter Glove at the top the list.

Leaf Filter was a category winner 5 years ago, but not the highest rated gutter guard.

Gutter Glove took the best rating (google "gutter guards consumer reports" to see the results for yourself)

With major advancements in gutter protection over the past five years it would be interesting to see how newer products would be rated.

Leaf Filter is a decent product, but not the highest rated.


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