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Hi There- All new LeafFilter team members must pass a background check before they are hired. The employee in question is no longer with LeafFilter.
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Not only has there been reports of them assaulting and battering employees comes to find out the unethical operations manager who has had several complaints filed against him HAS NO DRIVER LICENSE AND A CRIMINAL RECORD LONGER THAN THE TOTAL COMPLAINTS ABOUT THERE PRODUCT. SEE BELOW also HE HAD NO DRIVERS LICENSE if leaffilter cant even hire people with drivers license what makes you think they are licensed period. WHAT A DISGRACE TO SOCIETY-

The man accused in a deadly crash in north Charlotte Friday night is expected to make his first court appearance Monday.

Police said after Robert Leahy hit a moped so hard that it became stuck inside the front of his car, he kept driving.

A judge at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse will read the charges against Leahy Monday morning, which include felony death by vehicle and DWI.

Police said Leahy was driving along Old Statesville Road Friday night when he rear-ended the moped.

The driver of the moped, Philip Black, was seriously injured. His girlfriend, Valerie Shaak, was killed.

Police said after the crash, Leahy drove about a mile down the road before parking his car. They said he then started running.

Officers used helicopters and police dogs to track him down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Leaffilter tried to scare several people and prevent them from making a living and running their own business, unfortunately it was alot like there product all talk and no action. We will send your *** back to ohio so fast it isnt even funny

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #994682

I do know that leaf filter sucks and distroys marriages and over looks personal problems because that person makes them too much money...the signs were there leaf filter dropped the ball big time with me leahy...the blood of that girl is on your hands leaf filter ya you Matt Kaulig

Richfield, Ohio, United States #950441

What the ops manager did does not define this company. It is funny whoever you are knows beau was a ops manager but anyway the choices beau made has nothing to do with the quality of this product.

When verifying a license which is conducted when hired the company is not held accountable if he didnt disclose the license was suspended during employment you cannot hold the company accountable. The person who is slandering this company is the same one who was drunk off their *** and got his *** whooped during a drunk bar fight


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