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Orien – We have escalated your concerns to our service & support team at corporate. Please expect someone to reach out shortly. Thank you.


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been trying to contact Leaf Filter regarding a full refund. I am totally unsatisfied with the work performed.

I have spoken to two people at customer service regarding the matter. They said Patrick would call me but hasn't as of yet. I feel I am getting the run around. There are so many issues with what the contractors did I do not even know where to start:


Our salesperson Dan told us that all our gutters needed were silicon for repairs. He explained how this silicon was not the one used at stores but was mixed with another product, preventing leaks. Well, our gutters are leaking on the front and back very badly. I believe the back gutter is holding water and bringing nets but haven't actually gotten a ladder to look into the gutter guard.


Our salesperson Dan told us that we could paint our gutters to get rid of the rust. So we get a professional painter contractor and no you can't. Painting gutters with rust will not get rid of them. The rust will come back.


Our salesperson Dan told us how Leaf Filter would clean up and not leave trash. Well, they left leaves/debris all in the back yard from the old gutter. The second crew did pick them up.

4. The first crew that installed the gutter didn't install it right.

They didn't install it with a 45 degree angle. So now they're 3 joints instead of 2. The way they did it is not a professional quality look.

5. The second crew who installed the gutter guards, one of the guys was very unprofessional.

He was very flirtatious.

6. The second crew who installed the gutter guards did not seal the holes in gutters correctly and properly because they're leaking.

7. Also don't believe the second crew installed the gutters correctly when installing the gutter guard because the back one has attracted alot of nets which were not there before. I believe this is due from water sitting in the gutter.


The second crew didn't use a roof ladder to install the gutter guards like shown in the booklet. One of the guys also broke one of the solar lights.

Again, my husband and I would like a full refund.

We would like for Leaf Filter to remove their gutter guards, gutters, and down spouts from our property. We are not satisfied customers and felt we were lied to!

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible as this matter has been prolong already.


Orien and Christopher Echols

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