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Hi Carol – We sincerely apologize for the gate that was left open during installation and will have a local manager get in touch with you as soon as possible to learn more about your situation.

I had this product installed on December 18, 2018. When my husband came home, he let our dogs in; but only one came in.

He went to look for the other one out in the fenced in back yard and saw that the gate had been left wide open. We do not use that gate. So after searching for several hours for my lost dog, with no positive result, I proceeded to call the sales rep. Told him what happened.

He said he sent an e-mail and text to his manager and they would be calling me back. No response as of yet. Why would anybody that is working on someone's house, and has dogs in the fenced in back yard, and the rep knew I had dogs, would leave the gate wide open. Because I expected professionalism, I know have a missing dog, and nobody is willing to call me and talk to me directly.

I will not refer this company to anybody that has animals.

They come up missing. Shame on this company for not even having the guts to call and actually talk to me about this.

Reason of review: lost animal due to lack of professionalism.

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